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Tel: 0845 226 7388 (Local Rate)

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When busy, calls can be diverted to a mobile number, at no extra cost to you. If the dial tone changes, please don't hang up, we pay for the diversion.

If you can measure it! We can make it!

Our office is situated in the heart of the Holme Valley where the Last of the Summer Wine was filmed, an area once renowned for it's Textile industry and from where goods were shipped worldwide.

Yorkshiremillshops, the home of bespokebedlinens.com offer a range of fabrics from the finest 200 thread (countable) Egyptian Cotton, to the standard or Percale Polyester/Cotton in a total of 85 shades, all made to your choice of size and style. We also, ship worldwide.

We will also make your duvet and pillows from a choice of Duck Down, Feather and Down or Hollofibre as well as a selection of Mattress Covers, Valance Sheets etc.

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